Sunday, August 28, 2011

S&B's Wedding

Had am amazing time at our friend's wedding this weekend! With wonderful vows, and an overall relax atmosphere at the Hilton in Newark, DE. Becky wore an elegant and perfectly suited dress and could not have looked more beautiful. We all had the best time dancing the night away and celebrating with friends and family.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


My favorite little model:

Bridal Shower Magic

SC's getting married in October and after only meeting her twice she invited me to her semi-surprise Bridal Shower. It was a crazy hot day but so much fun with lots of good food, good friends and family. Really looking forward to Celebrating with the whole Carl Family!!

Grandma Carl!:

Grandma's 90

Well I know its kinda late but my grandma turned 90 this may and i thought it would be nice to honor her with a few great photos!

Grandma and her siblings (the last four of nine):

Dad and his three younger bother's:

Love you Grandma... don't worry you'll out-live us all.